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Referred to in the mythology of the Alara'an people as the Lonely God, and former Lord of the Infinitum Dominion, Desdinova is a near-immortal being that was exiled to the Tenth Universe thousands of years ago. He resides on the desolate fortress-world of Citadel in the heart of the Milky Way galaxy and acts as a mentor to Peacekeeper Andrew Rivas.


Desdinova, first in several thousand generations to be born of royalty, was groomed from an early age to be one of the warlords of the Ad Infinitum. He was trained in the arts of combat all his childhood, which for his species, lasts a thousand years. His rite of adulthood was the Fall of the Alara'an, by his hand, in the Tenth Universe.

He alone destroyed the worlds in their galaxy-spanning empire, over a thousand years, one by one. The Alara'an, though capable of advanced techonlogy, were superstitious. They thought him to be the second coming of one of their deities: Ara'ma, the Lonely God, bound to the mortal realm after being cast out of their kingdom. After countless attempts to curb him, they instead devolved into thoughtless worship of their "god" and his furious vengeance.

Ultimately, he reached their last line in the sand: the fortress-world of Citadel, suspended in the heart of the Milky Way in a stable gravity field amongst the black hole storms. This time, they fought, and he killed them, one by one, as the others fell before. Soon, Citadel rung silent as the final slab of the species' crypt fell into place.

He returned home as a hero, emerging victorious from his trial and to be Lord over the universe he has begun to conquer. Over time, he began to doubt the usefulness of destroying civilizations, just for existing. They never had a chance to ally, or surrender. Mindless, blind violence and the spoils of victory.

During the rite of ascension, he threw off the mantle of leadership under the pretenses of the needlessness to expand their own empire, when they already ruled all of the multiverse and were about to repeat the cycle of destruction on another million species. They granted him his wish, with one catch: exile to the universe he sought to save.

He accepted, and was sent to the Citadel, a reminder that he is no less a murderer than the rest of his people. And so, unable to leave the Citadel, he probed the universe with his psionic abilities. As the doorway between his universe and the rest of the multiverse was sealed, he later detected, a thousand years later, that a temporal rift was being broken through time and space. At this point, Desdinova had discovered humanity, and had been slowly helping along their path to becoming space-faring. He then began work on the Pulse, a psionic burst of energy that would cross the galaxy and hopefully activate psionic abilities in the population, to give them an edge against the Ad Infinitum.

It succeeded, but only in 3% of the population.

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